[okfn-discuss] New Science Commons protocol and the Open Data Commons legal tools

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Tue Dec 18 15:56:36 UTC 2007

FYI for those that haven't checked the CC feeds....

A new protocol for open data has been announced by Science Commons,  
with which the new CC Zero licence will comply.

The Creative Commons announcement is here:

The new implementation of the protocol is CCZero

Science Commons Protocol

The announcement on the Science Commons blog

The Open Data Commons project, with the support of Talis, has also  
developed a legal tool that complies with the protocol that is  
available for comment. The goal of the Open Data Commons legal tool  
is to be fully compatible with CC Zero.

We've been talking to Rufus and the rest of the Open Knowledge  
Foundation and are pleased to announce that we will be partnering on  
the hosting and maintaining of the Open Data Commons project.

The new home for the project is:

There are two documents on which we would very much appreciate your  

Public Domain Dedication & Licence (PDDL)

Community Norms

Talis has put out a press release for the new legal tools here:

We've created a FAQ for some of the initial questions here:

A FAQ addressing some of the in-depth legal issues of the PDDL will  
be forthcoming.



J S Hatcher

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