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Benjamin Henrion bh at udev.org
Tue Feb 27 14:39:31 UTC 2007

My idea is that we have to start campaigns for amendments at the
national level which redefines and potentially gives more rights to
the public like rights to download and to reuse the gov data for any


On 2/27/07, Jo Walsh <jo at frot.org> wrote:
> dear all,
> It's been an interesting year since the start of the OKFN-supported
> Public Peodata campaign. A sea changing in public geodata policy, and
> an INSPIRE directive lean on meat but not poisonous to access either.
> I have a todo list as long as my arm. I write it down here both for
> tracking purposes and in hopes we may be able to raise offers of help.
> 1. Closing the public geodata petition
> - We are still getting requests to sign and to add Romania and Bulgaria
>  to the list. (The Romanian open source GIS/open geodata scene is kicking)
>  As the petition is specific to INSPIRE which will irrevocably become law,
>  it needs to be closed and these things should happen first.
> 2. Replacing the signup system / UI for the original 'Open Geodata Manifesto',
>   with either phpPetition or something better, setting up a redirect.
>   - This involves a bit of php and css hacking. The setup work is done.
> 3. Updating the publicgeodata.org wiki to reflect the current state of INSPIRE.
>   - Roger wrote a really nice piece on EGIP about what public authorities
>   INSPIRE will affect, i dumped this into the wiki but never linked it.
> 4. Moving the current handwritten-html, dated pages at http://okfn.org/geo/
>   into the OKFN wiki, and setting up redirects.
> 5. Emailing the 8000 people who signed the petition, thanking them for their
>   support and pointing them at the wiki.
>   - Some of these people will want a way to help. What's there to do?
> These are my thoughts about "what next" for Public Geodata and OKFN/geo
> for the rest of this year.
> 6. I want to slowly turn publicgeodata.org into an open geodata index and
> search service (somewhat like what they call a 'GeoPortal').
> - In the short term we can have wiki links per country page to available
>  local and regional and specialist sources
> - In the longer term it can become a 'facet' of a distributed data repository
>  with metadata from GeoNetwork, as INSPIRE picks up speed and we get
>  better access to geographic metadata.
> 7. I want to carry on the process of open analysis of, and response to, the
> Implementing Rules drafts and the work of the Spatial Data Theme volunteer
> groups. I'm coordinating an open source GIS community response to the
> Metadata IR draft through OSGeo. The deadline for this is a month's time.
> Metadata is the only area in which I feel Very Certain Of My Opinions And
> Keen to Express Them.
> - I can do a goodish amount of writing but could really use an editor
> - I'd love someone else to volunteer to be contact point for the FOSS SDIC.
> 8. I want to connect the dots more with the CKAN (CPAN for open data) project
> that sits alongside Kforge, with Rufus' work on a very lightweight
> implementation thereof. OAI-PMH... 'mass market metadata' extensions to
> Dublin Core using GeoRSS... all this sort of thing.
> That's it for now. It's amazing that we've managed to do what we have with
> so little time and resources available. Arresting the decay in the online
> presence, adding a bit of spit and polish, we could be actually proud of it.
> jo
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