[okfn-discuss] Web buttons sample: http://okfn.org/images/sample_buttons.png

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Jan 29 13:33:48 UTC 2007

I've posted a sample set of 'OPEN KNOWLEDGE' web buttons at:


Comments and suggestions welcome (e.g. which is the nicest colour, 
should we do other colours etc etc). If anyone wants to hackaround 
themselves the svg source is at:





1. using standard silkscreen font (the first two buttons) the text does 
not quite fit in an 80 width button so the first two are 85x15. If you 
do each letter separately and only have 1px spacing between letters you 
can get it in 80x15 (the second two).

2. I cooked the originals up as svgs in inkscape. After some very 
painful trial and error I discovered that when exporting from inkscape 
to png the image will be mysteriously blurred/murky unless you:

1. set resolution to 90dpi

2. prevent automatic antialiasing by inkscape by

   1. Ensure that everything you have drawn is exactly integer pixels
   2. Ensure everything you have drawn starts and finishes at an integer 
pixel grid point (go to document preferences and check snap-to-grid)

In order to achieve 2 with the silkscreen font I need to set the font 
size in inkscape to exactly 8.4 (otherwise font was not an exact pixel 
in width and therefore blurred on export)

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