[okfn-discuss] openMilton and outreach

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Thu Apr 3 21:03:58 UTC 2008

Iain Emsley wrote:
> I thought I'd let people know that I've contacted a professor at my old 
> university who has an interest in Milton to get his feedback and 
> thoughts on what would be useful for him or his students / colleagues as 
> well. I'll let the list know if and when I get any reply.

Good news! I look forward to seeing what the outcome is.

I generally think that touching base with those involved in 
teaching/research relevant to open knowledge projects is a good thing.

What about creating advisory boards? One for Open Milton, one for Open 
Shakespeare? I've been meaning to post on the SHAKSPER.NET list for a 
while. I will do this ASAP.

I was speaking with several people at OKCon about working with 
academics, researchers, teachers etc. to build wish lists of features 
for projects like Open Shakespeare/Milton - to help determine what kinds 
of things would be most useful/valuable to those 'on the ground'.

> A thought (and this was tangentially raised in one of the downstairs 
> sessions at OkCon) but is there any place where all the various outreach 
> activities are placed so that effort isn't duplicated or that volunteers 
> can find out what various plans are or might be?

There are several places. For documenting communications (mostly to do 
with OKD + buttons), I've started to use:


For general 'to do' items, see:


For project specific 'to do' items, you can see the projects' trac 
pages, e.g.


Is any of this what you were after? It would be good to sit down and 
take a fresh look at this sort of thing.



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