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Nate Olson nate at pjsp.org
Wed Apr 23 13:41:50 UTC 2008

Dear Iain,

A very good idea! I've traded a couple emails with JZ in the past,  
but I've yet actually to meet him. If we can find an open slot in his  
schedule, though, I gather he'd be happy to be involved with  
something like OKF. He normally has a pretty packed schedule, but it  
wouldn't hurt to try.

Anyone else within earshot know him (or perhaps another person at the  
Oxford Internet Institute)?

Iain, just as a preliminary matter, do you have access to the  
necessary video equipment? Even if we don't land JZ for a chat any  
time soon, I'm keen on the general notion of a series of video pieces.

Thanks very much,

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> Evening,
> I've started emailing some people around Oxford but a thought  
> crossed my
> mind...
> Does anyone know Jonathan Zittrain? I don't what thoughts anybody has
> but would it be worth aproaching him to see if he'd speak at one of  
> the
> Oxford events? If agreeable, we could always try to video or at least
> record the event for a podcast.
> I'd be grateful for any thoughts on the matter.
> Yours,
> Iain
> Iain Emsley
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