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I thought this might also be of interest to the discuss list. (I've
copied details and the programme below Alastair's email.)


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Subject: [open-visualisation] British Library / Oxford Internet
Institute seminar on search technologies

Dear All,

There are still a few places available at this seminar, looking and past
and future technologies for search mechanisms, at the British Library
next week; members of the group may be interested in attending.

Blurb about the seminar is below and the timetable is attached.

Register via sending an email to events at oii.ox.ac.uk


Alastair Dunning
JISC Digitisation Programme Manager


'Search!' is the third event in the 2007- 2008 Oxford Internet Surveys
(OxIS) discussion seminars series. Previous events included 'The Links
between social exclusion and digital disengagement', and the 'Social
Networking Conference'.

The different sessions that make up this day long event will discuss the
past, present and future of searching for information and content.
Social science and technological approaches are used to look at this
topic from the perspective of both the producers and the users of
searchable content. There will be four 30 minutes sessions, each with 10
minute presentations and 20 minute discussions of the topics. After two
sessions longer sessions are planned in which broader issues in relation
to research and developments in the area of search will be discussed.
The first discussion session will address current issues and the second
session, after lunch, will focus on what we can say and want to say
about the future of Search


Location: British Library, St Pancras, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB
Date: 24 June 2008



Coffee and Registration

Introduction by Adrian Arthur (British Library) and Bill Dutton (OII)

Search and the Internet: Review of Findings from OxIS – Ellen Helsper (OII)

Modelling Patterns of Search Behaviours – Chris Batt (Strategic Content
Alliance, JISC)

Discussion: Key Themes, Their Significance, and Gaps to Address in
Future Research– led by Bill Dutton (OII)


Producers of Searchable Content: Current Strategies, Issues and
Innovations – Adrian Arthur (BL)

The Future: Innovations in Search Technologies – Yorick Wilks (OII and

Discussion and Concluding Points of Summary: Research Findings, and New
Directions – Bill Dutton (OII) and Adrian Arthur (BL)

Conclusion: Coffee and Informal Discussion

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