[okfn-discuss] data.gov to launch in late May

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Apr 8 14:58:42 UTC 2009

Someone just pointed me at this:


"In late May, Data.gov will launch, in what US CIO Vivek Kundra calls
an attempt to ensure that all government data 'that is not restricted
for national security reasons can be made public' through data feeds.
This appears to be a tremendous expansion on (and an official form of)
third-party products like the Sunlight Labs API. Of course, it is
still a far cry from 'open sourcing' the actual decision-making
processes of government. Wired has launched a wiki for calling
attention to datasets that should be shared as part of the Data.gov
plan ...

It is great to see Kundra's work as DC CTO
(<http://www.ckan.net/package/read/dc-octo>) being translated to the
national level. We can also hope that this will spur action on these
issues elsewhere.


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