[okfn-discuss] Next meeting of Open Textbook Groups?

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Fri Feb 27 15:14:28 UTC 2009

Dear Judy,

We'd love to be involved in another open textbook meetup. Will the
event be virtual as with the previous meetups? If so, you are of
course more than welcome to use the OKF IRC channel for this, if this
is helpful. You're also welcome to build on the wiki pages we already
have. Perhaps we could have an 'organisations' section, with the CCOTP
+ OKF logos on it?


I'd be willing to help out, however I can!

(I hope you don't mind, I've carbon copied this to the okfn-discuss
list - so that other potentially interested parties can see this!)

Warm regards,


On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 12:38 AM, Judy Baker <bakerjudy at foothill.edu> wrote:
> Hi Jonathan:
> The Community College Open Textbook Project
> (http://www.collegeopentextbooks.org)  and California Digital Marketplace
> (http://www.21st-digitalmarketplace.com/index.html) are interested in
> hosting a meeting of all those who have participated in your open textbook
> meetings.  In particular, we want to facilitate coordination of metatagging,
> interoperability, and accessibility efforts for open textbooks.
> Are you interested in helping us coordinate such an event?
> FYI, I just conducted a webinar titled "Save $$ with Open Textbooks" for
> @ONE that is archived at
> http://www.cccconfer.org/CCCC/GoToArchivesAnonymousely.aspx?MeetingID=0afef50b-0c98-426f-8d6b-8d995e09e54d
> and you can download the slideshow at  http://www.box.net/shared/cm6xlb43vr
> Judy Baker, Ph.D.
> Director, Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources
> Dean, Foothill Global Access
> Distance and Mediated Learning
> Foothill College
> 650.949.7749
> bakerjudy at foothill.edu
> www.foothillglobalaccess.org
> http://cccoer.wordpress.com

Jonathan Gray

Community Coordinator
The Open Knowledge Foundation

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