[okfn-discuss] Ideas for OKCon 2010?

Jose Leal jose.leal at wikidomo.com
Sun Sep 20 03:26:53 UTC 2009

Hello Claudia,

No problem on my side - I'm not sure of the impact of delays on settling on the logo.

I think the idea of a wiki is good. Giving everyone a chance to evaluate all the ideas/proposals in a comparative manner should be very helpful..

Is the wiki something that you would like me to do? Or, will someone else be able to do it?


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Hi Jose,

I am still working on my suggestion for the logo but at the moment I  
am a bit busy. I am very sorry for this very uncomfortable situation.  
I am doing my best to present some ideas but I am unable to find a  
minute to think deeply about it (but it is needed to do so). However,  
thank you for presenting your ideas. There are really good. What do  
you think to create a Wiki page for them and even better, to integrate  
your logos and the other existing suggestion on one page. Then we can  
make a poll?

Cheers, Claudia

Am Sep 4, 2009 um 7:51 AM schrieb Jose Leal:

> Hello Claudia,
> I have been following this list for some time. I have not yet had an  
> opportunity to contribute, but found myself unable to resist sending  
> you these ideas for the OKCON logo. It's rough, but I could not get  
> it out of my mind...so figured better to send it to you then to have  
> it bounce around in there :)
> I hope it at least gives you other ideas - good luck!
> Cheers,
> Jose Leal
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> Hi Sören  *
> Am Sep 3, 2009 um 4:07 PM schrieb Sören Auer:
>> Thanks Claudia for your suggestions - I tried to integrate them into
>> the call and added you to the PC - I think you are a perfect  
>> match ;-)
>> Are the dates for OKCON already finalized? If so I guess we can start
>> distributing the call for papers.
> Well, to be honest, relating the other thread regarding the logo (http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/okfn-discuss/2009-September/001611.html
> )... well, I am working on some ideas. I think, I won't finish this  
> before Sunday or more likely Monday. If there is the plan to  
> integrate the logo into the call, I'd like to propose another logo  
> version before, if this is possible.
> What do you think?
>> Cheers,
>> Sören
> Best, Claudia
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