[okfn-discuss] Ideas for OKCon 2010?

Claudia Mueller-Birn clmb at cs.cmu.edu
Mon Sep 21 14:21:18 UTC 2009

Hi Rufus, hi Jose,

I just uploaded my versions for the logo.


Okay, I just realized, that the year should be 2010. :-) However, it  
can be quickly changed. What is about the colors? Are there any  
restrictions? Should it be green? Then it is more closely to the OKF  
logo. If yes, what are the RGB values? That is an even more important  
question: how closely should be the conference logo to the OK logo (http://avatar.identi.ca/19135-96-20080804142209.png)?


Kind regards, Claudia

Am Sep 21, 2009 um 3:33 AM schrieb Rufus Pollock:

> Jose,
> These are great. As per Claudia suggestions I've created a page on the
> wiki (anyone can edit btw) and put them up there:
> <http://wiki.okfn.org/okcon/logo>
> My 2 cents: I think it would be nice for "O" in lightbulb to be more
> "O" like (e.g. like the O in Open) -- this would make the link even
> clearer. I like the greening of the "o" but think you'd only want it
> in the O below the lightbulb and in the O of Open (not in the other
> two "o"s).
> Once again: these are great and thanks for contributing them!
> Regards,
> Rufus
> 2009/9/4 Jose Leal <jose.leal at wikidomo.com>:
>> Hello Claudia,
>> I have been following this list for some time. I have not yet had  
>> an opportunity to contribute, but found myself unable to resist  
>> sending you these ideas for the OKCON logo. It's rough, but I could  
>> not get it out of my mind...so figured better to send it to you  
>> then to have it bounce around in there :)
>> I hope it at least gives you other ideas - good luck!
>> Cheers,
>> Jose Leal

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