[okfn-discuss] Ideas for OKCon 2010?

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Sep 21 07:33:38 UTC 2009


These are great. As per Claudia suggestions I've created a page on the
wiki (anyone can edit btw) and put them up there:


My 2 cents: I think it would be nice for "O" in lightbulb to be more
"O" like (e.g. like the O in Open) -- this would make the link even
clearer. I like the greening of the "o" but think you'd only want it
in the O below the lightbulb and in the O of Open (not in the other
two "o"s).

Once again: these are great and thanks for contributing them!



2009/9/4 Jose Leal <jose.leal at wikidomo.com>:
> Hello Claudia,
> I have been following this list for some time. I have not yet had an opportunity to contribute, but found myself unable to resist sending you these ideas for the OKCON logo. It's rough, but I could not get it out of my mind...so figured better to send it to you then to have it bounce around in there :)
> I hope it at least gives you other ideas - good luck!
> Cheers,
> Jose Leal

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