[okfn-discuss] OKF Wiki

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Sep 21 15:21:32 UTC 2009

2009/9/21 Claudia Mueller-Birn <clmb at cs.cmu.edu>:
> Dear all,
> I just wanted to use the Wiki, I mean I did use it but unfortunately, some
> problems occurred. It seems some pages are missing. For example, if you
> click on Login/Register, this text appears:
> Sorry, the sidebar is broken - to create an account please go to:
> http://okfn.org/wiki/UserPreferences?action=newaccount

Thanks for pointing this out.

Obviously someone had encountered the problem and put this (correct)
info in there but they hadn't been able to correct the sidebar link.

The link in sidebar has now been fixed and the UserPreferences page is
now back to "normal."

> The same applies for the help pages. I extensively use MediaWiki but the OKF

Could you give a bit more info here as to what is wrong with help
pages -- I was able to look at them without any problem.

> uses Moin Moin (??), therefore a little help with be great.
> Well, what can we do to improve it? Or doesn't matter, I mean it works.

I've fixed the sidebar link so that should now be correct. Anything
else you notice not working just say.


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