[okfn-discuss] OKCon 2011 - dates yet? How to participate?

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Fri Sep 17 17:38:16 UTC 2010

dear all,

It's that time of year when i start wondering what's happening at next 
year's OKCon. Rufus talked of doing two days this/next time.

I am asking partly out of self-interest, starting to meta-organise some 
stuff in Edinburgh which ought to happen early March because of purdah 
for the Scottish Parliament elections. I'm reminded that Jornadas SIG 
Libre is happening 23rd-25th March.

Thinking about the week starting the 7th or 14th of March for this 
series of three inter-connected conferences in Edinburgh, one on Open 
Scholarship, one on Open Local Data, one on Free Software for 
Government. With workshop/meetup days in between or at the end...

If one is interested in helping to put together OKCon where is the best 
place to discuss it? Are there existing thoughts about place/time/etc.
Will we try to find more partner organisations - ORG for example?



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