[okfn-discuss] support FLOSSMANUALs

adnan hadzi a.hadzi at gold.ac.uk
Fri Feb 4 18:51:49 UTC 2011

dear list,

adam a friend of mine who is running the flossmanuals asks for help.
if you have the time please vote for it.
we have been using flossmanuals extensively in our workshops & it would
be great if we could show some support!

thanx & see ya maybe soon in another workshop.

adam hyde wrote:

hey Adnan,

im kinda drumming up votes in a semi bot like fashion...

we are in the final for the drumbeat open web awards...last day to vote
today...we are 100 votes behind...being beaten by a graffiti project (I
can see the headlines "free software project loses to wall paint") if u
get a min would u vote for us  :)


and tell your friends!


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