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Hi Chaps,

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 7:50 PM, elf Pavlik
<perpetual-tripper at wwelves.org>wrote:

> Hi Kat,
> Excerpts from Kat Braybrooke's message of 2011-10-28 15:44:40 +0000:
> > This is rad, Elf - thanks for creating the OKF Meetup hub. Have been
> meaning
> > to do this for the OKF to replace our Eventbrite presence for events (I
> > think Meetup is way more collaborative and awesome these days) but hadn't
> > gotten around to it. Could you share the admin details with me so I can
> do
> > events through this in future?
> I used my account to create it but now don't see any option to add admins,
> will send email to 'help' address asking about it. Maybe we will need to
> transfer ownership of this network to other account or maybe just turn my
> account into some shared one. Will send a follow up email once I get reply
> from meetup support
> +1 - great work elf :) Would be great if I could also have admin access!

@Kat - could you lead on making sure the Brazil and Finland meetings are
incorporated and displayed on the map?
@elf - if you don't hear back from the help guys, could Kat possibly send
you the details and you can get them up online?

To quote miss Braybrooke 'woot'!


> > Would be extra awesome to integrate this with the impending Community
> > Dashboard too... and use it for Labs... (Tom!)
> meetup has API which should come usefull for that...
> >
> > Excited! :)
> >
> > Kat
> =)
> ~ elf Pavlik ~
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