[okfn-discuss] Merging Open Energy with Open Economics

Guo Xu digitalepourpre at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 22:27:28 UTC 2011

Dear list,

In agreement with OKF and the community (we had a vote several weeks
ago) we have decided to merge the Open Energy WG with the Open
Economics WG.

Both groups have been working on very similar topics, and many members
are subscribed to both groups. Merging both groups will therefore help
streamlining communication and cooperation across the groups. If there
are any concerns regarding the decision, please get in touch and we
can discuss this.

In terms of concrete steps, we will be transferring the subscribers of
the Open Energy mailing list to the Open Economics list in the next
days - if you are not subscribed to Open Economics yet, please do so:

Looking forward to many more exciting projects and ideas!



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