[okfn-discuss] New crowdfunding system in the works exclusively for Free/Libre/Open resources

Thomas Kluyver thomas.kluyver at cantab.net
Sat Dec 8 12:26:52 UTC 2012

I agree that this isn't worth arguing about, but I'll just add that the
open source projects I'm most familiar with have reply-to-list as the
default, and haven't had problems with it.


On 8 December 2012 11:12, Bastien <bzg at altern.org> wrote:

> Hi Thomas,
> This subject can be really trollish, so consider this my last input
> about it :)
> Thomas Kluyver <thomas.kluyver at cantab.net> writes:
> > Debatable. Most of the time, you do want replies to go to the list.
> The damage when sending a private message to a public list is higher
> than the damage of sending a public message to a private person.  That's
> why the recommended policy by e.g. mailman is to set the reply-to to the
> sender.
> > Mailing lists set up to reply to the sender regularly annoy me.
> Unless you use a really creepy mail client, you can configure it to send
> the reply to the sender *and* the list.
> In general, my experience is that common sense doesn't help in fixing
> mailing lists that use the wrong policy... but I'd expect OKFN to follow
> what is common practice in most FLOSS projects I know.
> --
>  Bastien
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