[okfn-discuss] Most "open" way of registering a domain/get a hosting?

j jonni.jemp at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 14:13:04 UTC 2012

hi i mormally lurk but re. hosting
have found gandi.net not so supportive so switched over 2 years ago to 
trick.ca, a telekommunisten hosting service, but is prob. too small 
scale a service for your needs?



> On 01/04/2012 01:49 PM, Hanssens Bart wrote:
>> Not sure if it is wat you are looking for, but maybe Gandi.net is 
>> worth considering.
>> They support creative commons, the EFF  and some open source projects.
>> http://www.gandi.net/supports/
> At OKF we recently changed to Gandi.net as our domain registrar. One 
> reason was that they are very friendly to 'Open' projects. So far, our 
> experiences are good.
> Your question about hosting is too unspecific. Recommendations would 
> depend on your needs: Are you looking for shared webhosting or virtual 
> machines or bare metal? Are you talking 1, 10 or 100 machines? Should 
> they be managed? Do you need a cloud API? How much performance is 
> needed? Is low cost more important than good support?
> That said, some observations:
>  * When it comes to bare metal, hetzner.de is very cheap, has a good 
> infrastructure and OKish support. Many OSS projects live there. 
> Unbeatable if you are willing to setup virtualisation hosts yourself.
>  * RackSpace has very good support (compared to other hosters), and 
> are the main driver behind the OSS cloud project OpenStack.org
>  * Gandi, known to be friendly to "open" projects, recently started to 
> offer hosting as well. I have no experience with that yet.
> Hope that helps.
> /nils.
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>> Dear Fabio,
>> Thanks very much for your email. Firstly, apologies for the delayed 
>> reply - a lot of people have been away over the Christmas break.
>> I have circulated your query to our discussion and help lists. 
>> Perhaps some people there may have good suggestions for the most open 
>> way to register a domain name or may be able to recommend specific 
>> hosting providers.
>> In the meantime, thanks for getting in touch and Happy New Year!
>> Kind regards,
>> Laura
>> On Sun, Dec 25, 2011 at 8:10 PM, Fabio 
>> Barone<holon.earth at gmail.com<mailto:holon.earth at gmail.com>>  wrote:
>> Hi OKFN
>> first congrats for the great work.
>> I visited the OKCon in Berlin 2011, and loved it.
>> I have a question:
>> What is in your opinion the most "open" way to get a domain name
>> registered, meaning which registrars offer options which are most akin
>> our "open" way of thinking?
>> Are there also any hosting providers which can be recommended?
>> Thanks a lot
>> fabio
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