[okfn-discuss] Open Definition 2013: assessment and lessons

Mike Linksvayer ml at gondwanaland.com
Sat Dec 28 06:07:02 UTC 2013


Copying okfn-discuss and open-government in-line with one of the themes
of the post. The first lesson/question/call for help:

 # The license approval process works much better when it is
 # more than just assessing whether a license conforms with the
 # Open Definition — when license creators engage with the
 # Advisory Council during license development. When a license
 # is “thrown over the wall”, ambiguities not evident to
 # the creators make approval difficult at best.
 # This probably means the OD community needs to get help from the
 # broader Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) and other “open”
 # communities to spread awareness of the OD. Nobody in these
 # communities *wants* more questionably open and probably
 # incompatible licenses. How can we, for example, increase the
 # probability that local activists know about the OD and can
 # educate public sector officials they might come into contact
 # with, before new licenses are developed?

(Outgoing OD AC chair)

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