[okfn-discuss] OKFN local groups and ambassadors signing up petition

Jorge Cabezas jorgeluiscabezas at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 15:09:47 UTC 2013

Hi Laura and Everton!
Something at Argentina, we will be looking forward for OKF official statement

Jorge Cabezas

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Hi Laura,

thanks for the explanation! I'll follow it next time. And I am curious
to know what OKF has to say about PRISM.



2013/6/11 Laura James <laura.james at okfn.org>:
> Hi Tom,
> I think this is a matter for Local Groups to work out themselves, in
> consultation with the appropriate local board of directors and community,
> and to ensure if they do sign that they make it clear what organisation or
> group they represent - ie the Chapter or the specific Local Group.
> OKF Central has been approached by a number of groups about responses to
> PRISM and we are reviewing them at present. We get a lot of requests to
> support such statements and petitions, in topics relevant to open knowledge
> and less so, and we need to ensure that we focus on what's important for us
> as an organisation.
> Best regards,
> Laura

Everton Zanella Alvarenga (also Tom)
OKFN Brasil - Rede pelo Conhecimento Livre

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