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*The Internet and all those who care about Aaron Swartz took a big step
forward today*

Rep. Zoe Lofgren and Sen. Ron Wyden just introduced* "Aaron's Law"*, which
would fix some of the worst parts of the *Computer Fraud and Abuse Act *
(CFAA), including those which *make it a potential crime to violate terms
of service agreements **-- that fine print that nobody reads at the bottom
of a website.*

*Click here to sign on as a "citizen cosponsor" of Aaron's Law and tell
your lawmakers to cosponsor the bill in

The CFAA is the law under which Aaron and other innovators and activists
have been *threatened with decades in prison.* It is so broad that law
enforcement says it *criminalizes all sorts of mundane Internet use*:
even breaking a website's fine print terms of service agreement.
*Don't*set up a MySpace page for your cat.
*Don't* fudge your height on a dating site. *Don't* share your Facebook
password with anybody:* You could be committing a federal crime.*

*Click here to show your support for "Aaron's Law" and help us put an end
to CFAA abuse and

It's up to us to *keep the Internet open,* a place for *sharing
ideas*, *exploration
*and* activism* -- not for stifling creativity and criminalizing

As the bill's sponsors put it in a Wired.com Op-ed, "The events of the last
couple of years have demonstrated that the *public can speak loudly thanks
to the Internet. And when it does, lawmakers will listen."*

*Let's make sure they hear us. Join us in calling on Congress to pass
"Aaron's Law."*<http://act.demandprogress.org/go/976?t=3&akid=2191.2338795.L3jTdM>

Thank you,

Demand Progress

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