[okfn-discuss] Semantic MediaWiki conference: call for participation

Yury Katkov katkov.juriy at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 11:28:47 UTC 2013

Semantic Wikis are very common in spreading open knowledge in
machine-readable form, so I think this annoncement is relev
ant here.

We are happy to announce SMWCon Fall 2013 - the 8th Semantic MediaWiki

* Dates: October 28th to October 30th 2013 (Monday to Wednesday)
* Location: A&O Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Lehrter Str. 12, 10557 Berlin, Germany
* Conference wikipage: https://semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/SMWCon_Fall_2013
* Participants: Everybody interested in semantic wikis, especially in
Semantic MediaWiki, e.g., users, developers, consultants, business
representatives, researchers.

SMWCon Fall 2013 will be supported by the Open Semantic Data
Association e. V. [1]. Our platinum sponsor will be WikiVote ltd,
Russia [2].

Following the success of recent SMWCons, we will have one tutorial day
and two conference days.

Participating in the conference: To help us planning, you can already
informally register on the wikipage, although a firm registration will
later be needed.

Contributing to the conference: If you want to present your work in
the conference please go to the conference wikipage and add your talk
there. To create an attractive program for the conference, we will
later ask you to give further information about your proposals.
Tutorials and presentations will be video and audio recorded and will
be made available for others after the conference.

==Among others, we encourage contributions on the following topics==

===Applications of semantic wikis===
* Semantic wikis for enterprise workflows and business intelligence
* Semantic wikis for corporate or personal knowledge management
* Exchange on business models with semantic wikis
* Lessons learned (best/worst practices) from using semantic wikis or
their extensions
* Semantic wikis in e-science, e-learning, e-health, e-government
* Semantic wikis for finding a common vocabulary among a group of people
* Semantic wikis for teaching students about the Semantic Web
* Offering incentives for users of semantic wikis

===Development of semantic wikis===
* Semantic wikis as knowledge base backends / data integration platforms
* Comparisons of semantic wiki concepts and technologies
* Community building, feature wishlists, roadmapping of Semantic MediaWiki
* Improving user experience in a semantic wiki
* Speeding up semantic wikis
* Integrations and interoperability of semantic wikis with other
applications and mashups
* Modeling of complex domains in semantic wikis, using rules, formulas etc.
* Access control and security aspects in semantic wikis
* Multilingual semantic wikis

If you have questions you can contact me (Yury Katkov, Program Chair),
 Benedikt Kämpgen (General Chair)  or Karsten Hoffmeyer (Local Chair)
per e-mail (Cc).

Hope to see you in Berlin

Yury Katkov, Program Chair

[1] http://www.opensemanticdata.org/
[2] http://wikivote.ru
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