[okfn-discuss] Please share your OK national insights on new Open Gov Facebook Group

Steven Clift clift at e-democracy.org
Wed Apr 2 12:12:30 UTC 2014

We are working to connect up emerging "wired" political leaders (starting
at the local level globally) with the open government and civic technology

Join us here to share your open knowledge resources from your country:


The idea is pretty simple - get a bunch of open gov builders on the group
(1000 soon), then go out and one by one invite elected officials starting
with those who are particularly active with using social media to engage
their constituents. They are the lowest hanging fruit and will be just one
click away from joining us. Most probably haven't broadened their own use
of social media into efforts to make the government more open and engaged
... we can help then change that.

After 20 years in this space, real reform takes political leadership (and
cover) not just finding a sympathetic civil servant to open up data if we
want a mass movement.

Also, we promote nation by nation sound offs, be sure to share your
resources and links. The OKFN network is one of the most vibrant.

Steven Clift

Steven Clift - clift at e-democracy.org
+1 612 234 7072
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