[okfn-discuss] Open Knowledge Community Sessions (an update)

Heather Leson heather.leson at okfn.org
Tue Apr 15 19:50:32 UTC 2014


Today Open Knowledge hosted a Community Feedback Session. There were
approximately 48 participants. A few folks spoke up (thank you) and we took
some notes to share back.

*Key Themes:*

   - The consultation and implementation processes for the Brand launch was
   not clear, not done well and should have included more community input.
   This needs to be fixed going forward for the next stages.

   - The brand messaging needs to be adjusted to actually meet the
   diversity and extent of the community.

   -  Open Knowledge needs to improve communication with the community and
   be clear, translatable.

   - Open Knowledge, in general, needs to be more transparent and involve
   the community more for all activities.

   - What are the next steps for the Brand implementation? How can the
   community consult? What changes can the community make? How will this work?

   - The community specifically requested more input and clarity for local
   groups, working groups, chapters, individuals. Add to this: they want to be
   part of the decision-making going forward.

*Full Notes* (includes some next step suggestions)

*Brand details on the wiki:*

For ongoing feedback, this loop needs to be closed. For now, use the
hackpad and wiki. I will ask the folks who do network and communications to
follow up with regards to the brand changes. Stay tuned on this.

For Website feedback: http://wiki.okfn.org/New_Website_Feedback_Process

*Audio:* We had to revert to our back up recording, so the quality is not
fantastic. And, sadly the meeting tech tool crashed mid-call. But, it is
available.  If audio is your thing and you can clean it up, we would be
much obliged.  Recording: http://bit.ly/1l3JCaJ (wav and mp3)

*Next calls:*
We received a number of notes asking to host another session with more
notice and in a different timezone:

Scheduler for the next meetings

(This is in EDT, please convert your timezones in the tool or use

Thank you all for keeping up the conversations.



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