[okfn-discuss] A tool to help us think through community keywords

heath rezabek heath.rezabek at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 20:03:47 UTC 2014

At the risk of overstepping, I've created an AllOurIdeas poll focused
solely on community keywords for the process of sorting our thoughts on
OK's brand and identity.  This is not an official leadership-created tool,
but an unofficial contribution by a community member who's seen this tool
do some interesting work.


- - -

*How It Works*:  Sort -- as many times as you can stand to, over and over
-- between keywords which come up.  This tool only works with a vast
abundance of decisions made, ideally from many participants.

If you have an idea for a new keyword and don't see it in the [View
Results] tab, or aren't sure if it's there yet, *please add it!*  Just type
it in below the two choices to add it to the flux instantly.

It's important to have as many ideas in the mix as possible for the tool to
work best.  Want to add a short phrase or a different form of a word?  Do
it.  Don't worry about multiples, as they'll just cluster in the results
over time and aren't a problem.

In the View Results tab, the number you see to the right is simply the
percentage chance that this word will win any random matchup.  As more
votes are cast, these numbers shift -- at first, and with less data,
position will be quite volatile.  As terms are eroded into place by many
votes, they'll stop showing up in the voting as often.

I'll also add this link to the wiki page on the slogan at --

No-one is bound to use the data form this exercise, obviously.  But even if
the terms and short phrases which rise to the top are not useful for
purpose/slogan statement, the whole process may help all of us really
consider what it is we mean -- or want it to mean -- when we say --

Open Knowledge.

Hope this is helpful,

- Heath

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