[okfn-discuss] A tool to help us think through community keywords

Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Thu Apr 17 20:16:43 UTC 2014

This is really awesome Heath, thanks! Looking forward to seeing the results
when it's been running for a bit.

I'm going to add some words in now, too :)


On 17 April 2014 21:03, heath rezabek <heath.rezabek at gmail.com> wrote:

> At the risk of overstepping, I've created an AllOurIdeas poll focused
> solely on community keywords for the process of sorting our thoughts on
> OK's brand and identity.  This is not an official leadership-created tool,
> but an unofficial contribution by a community member who's seen this tool
> do some interesting work.
> http://allourideas.org/ok-community-keywords
> - - -
> *How It Works*:  Sort -- as many times as you can stand to, over and over
> -- between keywords which come up.  This tool only works with a vast
> abundance of decisions made, ideally from many participants.
> If you have an idea for a new keyword and don't see it in the [View
> Results] tab, or aren't sure if it's there yet, *please add it!*  Just
> type it in below the two choices to add it to the flux instantly.
> It's important to have as many ideas in the mix as possible for the tool
> to work best.  Want to add a short phrase or a different form of a word?
>  Do it.  Don't worry about multiples, as they'll just cluster in the
> results over time and aren't a problem.
> In the View Results tab, the number you see to the right is simply the
> percentage chance that this word will win any random matchup.  As more
> votes are cast, these numbers shift -- at first, and with less data,
> position will be quite volatile.  As terms are eroded into place by many
> votes, they'll stop showing up in the voting as often.
> I'll also add this link to the wiki page on the slogan at --
> http://wiki.okfn.org/About_the_Open_Knowledge_brand/tagline_discussion
> No-one is bound to use the data form this exercise, obviously.  But even
> if the terms and short phrases which rise to the top are not useful for
> purpose/slogan statement, the whole process may help all of us really
> consider what it is we mean -- or want it to mean -- when we say --
> Open Knowledge.
> Hope this is helpful,
> - Heath
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