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Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Sun Apr 13 09:52:53 UTC 2014

Hi Heath,

These are great ideas :)   thoughts in-line:

On 12 April 2014 19:28, heath rezabek <heath.rezabek at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a thought on this, and want to present a possible way a local
> ambassador or chapter could utilize the logo and tagline in a flexible but
> harmonious way.  One thing I'd be interested to hear is whether or not such
> a usage would be acceptable to OK Leadership.  If so, then to me it feels
> like a built-in solution.

You mean "Open Knowledge leadership" of course ;-)

With the addition of the word 'open' to the first tagline, you'd end up with
>     See How Open Data Can Change the World
> ... which meshes more completely with Open Data Open Minds.  With this as
> an example, it's not much of a stretch to envision a tagline saying:
>     See How Open Science Can Change The World
> or ...
>     See How Open Platforms Can Change The World
> ... which of course leads to Open Science / Open Minds ... or Open
> Platforms / Open Minds ... and even Open Knowledge / Open Minds.

This sounds awesome and is exactly the sort of thing we expect and hope for
from the network :)  The brand stuff helps us at Central directly, and it
is there for adaption and/or adoption by local + working groups.  If "See
how Open Science can change the world" is what the open science folks feel
will best support their purpose, then that's brilliant and we're delighted
to see it happen :)

Maybe worth starting a wiki page for these ideas so others can contribute?

We've never been a "top-down control" network at Open Knowledge - that's
why all the local groups and chapters have their own ways of working, their
own models for sustainability, their own focus areas and so on. There is no
intent to change that - each group knows its own area best. At Central we
can catalyse, support, share ideas - and if they get adopted or adapted or
both by groups that's excellent. (If they don't get adopted or adapted, we
can assume we aren't helping as well as we could, and we can try again and

> If it's acceptable for a local effort to use the logo along with a tagline
> that underlines the approach to Open Knowledge that they most fully pursue,
> then I see only solutions waiting to be applied to local needs; not a
> problem.

:)  me too.

And if we have some variant but obviously connected taglines, that's great,
that uses the brand to best effect, strengthening the network and openness
in general, whilst allowing each group its own flavour and specialism.
 That's Open Knowledge :)  (Equally if a group wants to use the main
tagline, that's also totally fine!)

> While I know the determined tagline reads "See How Data Can" and not "See
> How Open Data Can", I wonder what the branding team might think of this
> slight change of perspective as a path to a full range of approaches.
>     See How Open ______ Can Change the World
>     Open ______    Open Minds
I'm not the whole branding team - but I love it :)

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