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Sun Apr 13 16:28:22 UTC 2014

>From another thread:  "In particular, would a small task force, made up of
a mix of local and working group coordinators, who would work with central
staff most actively on this and keep the coordinators of other groups
informed and consulted, be a useful way forward?"

It sounds like it could be; I know I'd be glad to take part.

I'll try to put up a wiki page on this approach.  I'm more neutral on
whether or not OK leadership  ^_^ adopts such an approach, as I understand
you all need to go all-in on something that will ease your efforts and it's
great that you're fine with local efforts using or not using as they see
fit.  I think growing awareness of a diversity of approaches could
ultimately strengthen the core.

For the future surveying you mention, I wanted to throw this tool out there
-- though at face it's a simple open source A/B sorter, I've used it for a
wide range of things, including a core tool in my curation advising with
the Long Now Foundation on their core collection.


The beauty of these surveys is that you can ask and quantify a particular
question, but the form remains open to completely unexpected input
throughout the length of the process.  That input is then quantified with
all the rest.  Long survey fatigue becomes a thing of the past.  The sample
survey ("Try a wikisurvey") is illuminating:  The City of New York ended up
with a novel top priority for their green efforts which came completely
from left field but rose to the top.

- Heath

On Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 4:52 AM, Laura James <laura.james at okfn.org> wrote:

> Hi Heath,
> These are great ideas :)   thoughts in-line:
> On 12 April 2014 19:28, heath rezabek <heath.rezabek at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have a thought on this, and want to present a possible way a local
>> ambassador or chapter could utilize the logo and tagline in a flexible but
>> harmonious way.  One thing I'd be interested to hear is whether or not such
>> a usage would be acceptable to OK Leadership.  If so, then to me it feels
>> like a built-in solution.
> You mean "Open Knowledge leadership" of course ;-)
> With the addition of the word 'open' to the first tagline, you'd end up
>> with
>>     See How Open Data Can Change the World
>> ... which meshes more completely with Open Data Open Minds.  With this as
>> an example, it's not much of a stretch to envision a tagline saying:
>>     See How Open Science Can Change The World
>> or ...
>>     See How Open Platforms Can Change The World
>> ... which of course leads to Open Science / Open Minds ... or Open
>> Platforms / Open Minds ... and even Open Knowledge / Open Minds.
> This sounds awesome and is exactly the sort of thing we expect and hope
> for from the network :)  The brand stuff helps us at Central directly, and
> it is there for adaption and/or adoption by local + working groups.  If
> "See how Open Science can change the world" is what the open science folks
> feel will best support their purpose, then that's brilliant and we're
> delighted to see it happen :)
> Maybe worth starting a wiki page for these ideas so others can contribute?
> We've never been a "top-down control" network at Open Knowledge - that's
> why all the local groups and chapters have their own ways of working, their
> own models for sustainability, their own focus areas and so on. There is no
> intent to change that - each group knows its own area best. At Central we
> can catalyse, support, share ideas - and if they get adopted or adapted or
> both by groups that's excellent. (If they don't get adopted or adapted, we
> can assume we aren't helping as well as we could, and we can try again and
> learn!).
>> If it's acceptable for a local effort to use the logo along with a
>> tagline that underlines the approach to Open Knowledge that they most fully
>> pursue, then I see only solutions waiting to be applied to local needs; not
>> a problem.
> :)  me too.
> And if we have some variant but obviously connected taglines, that's
> great, that uses the brand to best effect, strengthening the network and
> openness in general, whilst allowing each group its own flavour and
> specialism.  That's Open Knowledge :)  (Equally if a group wants to use the
> main tagline, that's also totally fine!)
>> While I know the determined tagline reads "See How Data Can" and not "See
>> How Open Data Can", I wonder what the branding team might think of this
>> slight change of perspective as a path to a full range of approaches.
>>     See How Open ______ Can Change the World
>>     Open ______    Open Minds
> I'm not the whole branding team - but I love it :)
> Laura
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