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Andrew Stott andrew.stott at dirdigeng.com
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Although branding is rarely best done by committee, I am a strong +1 for
Heath's suggestion of adding the word Open to the tagline to make


"See How Open Data Can Change the World"


"See How Data Can Change the World" would also work for Google or the NSA;
for us it's surely the "Open" which distinguishes the Open Knowledge


I'm also a strong +1 for Heath's suggestion of a template of "See How Open
___________ Can Change the World" - that brings in non-Data-specific
communities (eg Science) around the concept of Open which unites us.








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Hi Heath, 


These are great ideas :)   thoughts in-line:


On 12 April 2014 19:28, heath rezabek <heath.rezabek at gmail.com> wrote:

I have a thought on this, and want to present a possible way a local
ambassador or chapter could utilize the logo and tagline in a flexible but
harmonious way.  One thing I'd be interested to hear is whether or not such
a usage would be acceptable to OK Leadership.  If so, then to me it feels
like a built-in solution.



With the addition of the word 'open' to the first tagline, you'd end up with


    See How Open Data Can Change the World


... which meshes more completely with Open Data Open Minds.  With this as an
example, it's not much of a stretch to envision a tagline saying:


    See How Open Science Can Change The World


or ...


    See How Open Platforms Can Change The World


... which of course leads to Open Science / Open Minds ... or Open Platforms
/ Open Minds ... and even Open Knowledge / Open Minds.




While I know the determined tagline reads "See How Data Can" and not "See
How Open Data Can", I wonder what the branding team might think of this
slight change of perspective as a path to a full range of approaches.


    See How Open ______ Can Change the World


    Open ______    Open Minds



I'm not the whole branding team - but I love it :) 



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