[okfn-discuss] Virtual or remote sessions at OKFest 2014?

heath rezabek heath.rezabek at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 00:38:29 UTC 2014

Megan, Beatrice, OKF team -

As someone far afield from the OKFest site, unlikely to make it over there
without any weekend days to leverage during the conference, I am wondering
if the team is thinking of ways for remote participants to join in
discussions, or even perhaps present virtually.

It would seem technologically feasible, at least, to present a session via
a Google Hangout, point to interactives which were hosted online, and lead
a discussion remotely, all during the span of the event.  Or, if not, to
simply provide some ways for remote participants to interact and show their
support or share their ideas/projects.

Any thoughts on these sorts of possibilities?

- Heath

Heath Rezabek // labs.vessel.cc
Long Now Foundation (Intern) // Manual for Civilization Project //
Open Knowledge Foundation // Texas Ambassador for the OKFn // okfn.org
Icarus Interstellar // FarMaker Team // icarusinterstellar.org
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