[okfn-discuss] torrents for sharing datasets

stef s at ctrlc.hu
Mon Apr 13 15:47:17 UTC 2015

On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 05:43:27PM +0200, Friedrich Lindenberg wrote:
> I've never actually tried to create a torrent. Is it possible to add a file
> per day/week/month to the same torrent or does that need repacking?

torrents are not really packaged, they are mostly hashsums and other metadata.

> I have a quite a few of the the daily download thingies aswell and am
> currently only sharing them in hidden subfolders somewhere.

we should liberate all this cool data, so people with more time on their hands
than us can have a stab ;)

> Also, is there a way to guarantee at least one seed for a torrent, e.g. via
> some service?

that's why i want "institutional seedservers" - servers that mirror the
content and provide seeds. btw i guess my fellow also would provide such a
seedserver, that would be 2 already.

otr fp: https://www.ctrlc.hu/~stef/otr.txt

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