[okfn-discuss] Need YourNextMP in Canada? Your country next?

Steven Clift clift at e-democracy.org
Wed Aug 5 13:59:29 UTC 2015

With an election in Canada in about 11 weeks, is there interest in a
Canadian version of the http://yournextmp.com site from the UK?

Is there a need?

Even if candidate lists are pretty easy to come by, the opportunity to
deeply connect the personal Facebook profiles of candidates to interested
voters is a huge opportunity for deeper engagement. (And other social media

Argentina is up:

Here is the code base:

And you can join the Poplus.org community to connect with others interested
in the code:  http://bit.ly/poplusgroup

A small prototype grant was just announced for YourNextRepresentative by

I am hoping E-Democracy can leverage their small grant to test with
election data from Saint Paul (a Knight city):

With elections happening every month, the huge democratic data gap on both
who is on my ballot AND who are these candidates AND where can I connect
with them on social media needs to be closed.

So for all those democracy promotion funders out there - please jump on
this collaborative, open source ship now! With funded efforts in country
after country, sharing code with the next this can be an amazing engine for
cost-effective democracy building.

Steven Clift
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