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Subject: Translations of the Guerilla Open Access Manifesto
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Dear all,

we have already *25* translations* (yeah!) of the Guerilla Open Access
from Aaron Swartz. Please, see bellow:


I'm seeking for people willing to contribute to edit the website. You just
need to know some wordpress basic editing. Some languages with different
alphabets I could not format properly, so we also would need some of your
help. Thus, if you see there is some bad format in your mother language,
let us know through the e-mail manifesto at okfn.org.br to see how you can
improve it. We also need to add some new languages at the project git
repository: https://github.com/okfn-brasil/openaccessmanifesto

I've started this project in homage to Aaron when he died. Thanks for any

Open Knowledge Brazil


   1. Portuguese (Português)
   2. Chinese (中文)
   3. French (Français)
   4. Italian (Italiano)
   5. Latvian (Latviešu)
   6. Spanish (Español)
   7. Servian (Srpski)
   8. Russian (Русский)
   9. German (Deutsch)
   10. Turkish (Türkçe)
   11. Polish (Polski)
   12. Farsi (فارسی)
   13. Bengali (বাংলা)
   14. Danish (Dansk)
15. Catalan (Català)
   16. Arabic (العربية)
   17. Greek (Ελληνικά)
   18. Dutch (Nederlands)
   19. Korean (한국어)
   20. Romanian (Română)
   21. Swedish (Svenska)
   22. മലയാളം (Malayalam)
   23. کوردی (Kurdish)
   24. Македонски (Macedonian)
   25. Български (Bulgarian)
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