[okfn-discuss] Invite to Poplus Online Hangout Wed Feb 18

Steven Clift clift at e-democracy.org
Wed Feb 11 17:53:58 UTC 2015

While many of you have already joined the Poplus online group (350+
members, 63 countries) and shared an awesome introduction -
http://bit.ly/poplusintros - I wanted to make sure the "what the heck is
Poplus?" Hangout next week is on your radar.

See below or:

- Steven Clift

Hello, you are invited to get involved with Poplus.org <http://poplus.org/>.
Here are two timely opportunities:


   Poplus live online Hangout <http://bit.ly/popluswelcomehangout> - Watch
   via Google Hangouts-on-Air on Wednesday, February 18 and/or ...

   Poplus online group <http://bit.ly/poplusgroup> - Join in the 350+
   member, 60+ nation collaboration

[image: poplusgroup.jpg] <http://poplus.org>


Poplus <http://poplus.org> is a global *federation* for the next generation
of civic tech. We share knowledge and technology to help our organisations
help citizens. We do this through collaborative civic coding. We share
reusable open source civic technology components
<http://poplus.org/components>. We leverage open government data or make
our own across many countries.

This online video-based event <http://bit.ly/popluswelcomehangout>
specially invites those new to Poplus <http://poplus.org/>. Everyone is

RSVP here <http://bit.ly/popluswelcomehangout> to watch live (13:00 UTC, see
your local time <http://bit.ly/popluswelcomehangout>) on Feb 18. The
presentation includes Tom Steinberg with mySociety and a few project
participants from around the world on the Hangout-on-Air “stage.” Questions
will be taken via comments on the Hangout event page. The video stream is
one-way, commenting two-way.

About Poplus

Founded by CiudadnoInteligente.org <http://ciudadanointeligente.org/> based
in Chile and mySociety.org <http://mysociety.org/> based in the UK, the
international civic tech federation was launched at the first PoplusCon
<http://poplus.org/popluscon/> in April 2014. Watch this short video
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WbAQlCu0zQ> to see civic tech
collaboration in action! <https://www.youtube.com/embed/0WbAQlCu0zQ>Visit
Poplus.org <http://poplus.org/> (en español <http://poplus.org/es>) for
full details.

How to get involved?


   Share this event by forwarding this email or by sharing this hangout here


   Join our friendly online group <http://bit.ly/poplusgroup> with 350+
   members from over 60 nations and representing 200+ organisations.  Read the
   awesome participant introductions <http://bit.ly/poplusintros> to see
   the amazing talent coming together. Add your introduction. Be part of what’s
   next with civic tech sharing.


   Check out the Poplus components <http://poplus.org/components/> - test
   them - explore the code <http://poplus.org/components/current/>  on
   GitHub - deploy them - enhance them - and learn about turning your open
   source code into a new Poplus Component
   <http://poplus.org/components/apply/> for global sharing and impact.


   Follow the blog <http://poplus.org/blog/> - Lightly follow this
   initiative and stay tuned for future events with occasional email updates.

For questions about Poplus, post to our friendly online group
<http://bit.ly/poplusgroup> or contact <poplusoutreach at e-democracy.org> our
engagement team.

Thank you,

Steven Clift
Engagement Lead, Poplus.org
Executive Director, E-Democracy.org

P.S. This is a special message and not a mailing list for repeated reuse.
However, if you definitely do not want another direct message like this,
let us know: poplusoutreach at e-democracy.org
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