[okfn-discuss] Share your Open Data Day -detailed- Links: Hashtags, Social Media, Contact Info, GitHub and more

Steven Clift clift at e-democracy.org
Thu Feb 19 17:08:13 UTC 2015

Hey all, we are approaching 25 events from all over the world with
*details* filled in already. Share-a-thon.

It is fascinating to see what is coming in so far. I've added an org
GitHub account to the columns for the first time. This should make it
much easier to follow code development across local civic tech groups
around the world.

Please add yours or crowd-source the 100+ events where we only have a
place and event website (adding the local hashtag at least):


Also, in terms of publicizing your events for free - the Open
Government and Civic Technology Facebook Group just crossed the 3,000
member mark. So definitely join and promote your open data events


We have lots of members who join because we use our Google Ad grant to
promote the group ... they may well be in your city but not know about
your efforts.

Also, if you want advice on how to get more folks to show up at your
Open Data Day/Code Across event, read this in-depth e-outreach guide:

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On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 10:14 AM, Steven Clift <clift at e-democracy.org> wrote:
> Let's share more about our events:
>      http://bit.ly/oddeventdetails
> Last year, dozens of local events spontaneously shared _detailed_
> event contact information beyond city and website.
> The idea is to make ourselves more visible.  We share our hashtags,
> contact information, social media links and more to make ourselves
> more accessible to other cities, potential sponsors, the media, etc.
> This idea then spread to NDOCH and they had some additional columns.
> So we've combined the columns into a "best of" sharing Google sheet
> for Open Data Day/Code Across events and hopefully future events:
> If you are interested in making your civic tech/open gov events even
> more accessible, find it on this list/add it and share more
> information!
>       http://bit.ly/oddeventdetails
> To see the events on a map or list see the official public directories:
>      http://wiki.opendataday.org/Main_Page
>      http://www.codeforamerica.org/events/codeacross-2015/
> Thanks,
> Steven Clift
> E-Democracy.org

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