[okfn-discuss] Youth-wing Political Party digital efforts? Youth engagement online generally? #opengov #demopart

Steven Clift clift at e-democracy.org
Tue Jun 2 17:57:08 UTC 2015

Next week I'll be speaking to the youth wings of the two main
political parties in Taiwan. I'll also be speaking to NGOs and others
looking to engage youth.

Any tips on great case studies or examples to highlight from around the world?

I am looking for:

1. Model youth-wing political party efforts

2. Youth-led digital efforts that had the greatest impact (including
any examples that sustained digital engagement "post-protest" tied to
the Arab Spring, Occupy, etc. leading to various results)

3. Outreach _to_ youth online on civics/politics/government that
wasn't mostly just surface marketing

4. Examples of inter-generational civic efforts started by young
people with a fresh approach but engaging all

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