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Zara Rahman zara.rahman at okfn.org
Wed Jun 17 14:52:58 UTC 2015

/apologies for any cross-posts!/

Dear all,

As some of you may have heard, after nearly 2.5 years here, I've taken
the decision to move on from Open Knowledge, and today is my last day.
I've had such a wonderful time here and been lucky enough to meet and
work with many of you, most recently with the fabulous School of Data
team and network, and in earlier roles with the Open Development
community, and our many Local Groups around the world. Seeing so many of
you recently in Ottawa was really, really lovely, and reminded me again
what a fantastic community this is - both online, and off.

For School of Data related enquiries, please contact Katelyn on
katelyn.rogers at okfn.org - and if you're passing through Berlin and would
like to grab a coffee, or just want to get in touch with me personally,
you can reach me on mail at zararah.net, or via Twitter @zararah

***Please remove zara.rahman at okfn.org address from your contact list, as
this won't be checked from tomorrow onwards***

Moving forward, I'll be doing some work with the engine room and some
other like-minded organisations in the space of technology for advocacy
and activism, and taking on more of a research-based role - after almost
5 years in the 'open data' space, I'm looking forward to having some
time to stop, think and write about what is going on more broadly in the
data/technology/activism field!

I will of course stay an active community member with Open Knowledge,
and I'll miss working with this fantastic group of people a lot - I've
learned so, so much from everyone. Being part of an organisation with
such faith in 'learning by doing' and inspiring, smart and kind
colleagues, is something I will be forever grateful for.

Hope to see you all soon!

Very best,


PS. Come to Berlin, it's beautiful!
Zara Rahman
School of Data Fellowships lead | skype: zara.rahman | @zararah
The Open Knowledge Foundation <http://www.okfn.org> | /Empowering
through Open Knowledge/

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