[okfn-discuss] Applying The Concept Of Membership To OKFN

Svetlana Belkin belkinsa at ubuntu.com
Mon May 11 00:49:10 UTC 2015


Pardon for not posting this as a tread, but I written a blog post[1] 
about having a "membership" system within OKFN.  I'm coming from the 
Ubuntu community and we have a membership [2] that can be given to those 
who had significant, sustained, and continued contributions within the 
Ubuntu Community.  I would like to apply this concept to OKFN.  This 
would allow those who deserve their membership to get recognized for 
their work.

I would like to have your feedback on this idea.

[1 ]http://senseopenness.com/applying-the-concept-of-membership-to-okfn/
[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership

Thank you.
Svetlana Belkin
A.K.A: belkinsa
User Wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/belkinsa

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