[okfn-discuss] Proposing a new working group on Open Innovation

Duncan Edwards D.Edwards at ids.ac.uk
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Hi Kshitiz,

Great idea! Just a couple of thoughts:

“Do you think it will be make Open Knowledge better if we had a separate working group on Open Innovation? After all, innovation is a buzz word in today's world in all fields. Disruption, Democratization, Demonetization happening all over places. “
It is indeed a pervasive buzzword and “open innovation” a pervasive buzz phrase and as I’m sure we’ve all seen in lots of different fields in putting the term “open” in front of anything ☺. Given the amount of focus on innovation it would probably be useful to develop much clearer conceptual understandings of what is meant by open innovation.

·         what do we mean by “open” in the context of innovation?

·         How do we understand a distinction between invention and innovation? (maybe this is not necessary?)

·         How do we understand the relationship between innovation and open artefacts (data, source code, information)?

·         What do we understand of the relationship between innovation and the “openness” of processes and people?

·         Which forms (scientific and global vs/complementarity of indigenous, local and tacit) of knowledge tend to be valued and brought to bear in “open” innovation processes?

Perhaps, if we’re able to be conceptually sharper, we’ll be better placed to give significant meaning to it and draw value from it rather than it simply being just another buzzword or fuzzword.

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Interesting. +1 Kshitiz.

OK Bangladesh

On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 10:40 AM, kshitiz khanal <khanal1990 at gmail.com<mailto:khanal1990 at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hello everybody,

We have many working groups here including those in open sustainability, design, data, spending, and more.

Do you think it will be make Open Knowledge better if we had a separate working group on Open Innovation? After all, innovation is a buzz word in today's world in all fields. Disruption, Democratization, Demonetization happening all over places.

Open Innovation is in line with Open Knowledge's vision of enabling people to work together to tackle local and global challenges.

Innovation, though cross-cutting by definition, is a powerful concept on its own. Innovations happen everywhere in multiple forms, and this may make a case that innovation will be covered in all other groups separately. However, a very interesting thing is that numerous innovations follow similar patterns.

Process of innovation (mostly) begins with problems, happens with thinking out of the box or thinking  of different boxes entirely, and making the thoughts real and seeing magic happen (not to forget the hard parts like persevering, critical thinking).

Let's discuss whether having a separate working group will help the cause of Open Knowledge better and whether we really need a new working group in Open Innovation.


Kshitiz Khanal
Open Knowledge Nepal

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