[okfn-discuss] Proposing a new working group on Open Innovation

kshitiz khanal khanal1990 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 05:25:15 UTC 2015

Hello Duncan,

Your questions​ will help us to gain focus and have a sharper
understanding. I have tried to answer few of them based on my limited

 ·         what do we mean by “open” in the context of innovation?

> ​Innovation has multiple dimensions and openness in the context of
innovation can take forms like openness in participation (bringing more
people into the process), openness in scope,  and openness in process
(trying out novel methods).   ​

> ·         How do we understand a distinction between invention and
> innovation? (maybe this is not necessary?)
> ​Yes, maybe not.

> ·         How do we understand the relationship between innovation and
> open artefacts (data, source code, information)?
> ​Open Innovation includes but is not limited to open artefacts. Open
innovation, though, is undeniably fostered by open artefacts. ​

> ·         What do we understand of the relationship between innovation
> and the “openness” of processes and people?
> ​I am going to explore more on this. ​

> ·         Which forms (scientific and global vs/complementarity of
> indigenous, local and tacit) of knowledge tend to be valued and brought to
> bear in “open” innovation processes?
> ​Technically, all forms of knowledge should be. I am also going to explore
> more on this.

> Perhaps, if we’re able to be conceptually sharper, we’ll be better placed
> to give significant meaning to it and draw value from it rather than it
> simply being just another buzzword or fuzzword.
​Yes, I agree. That is why we need to initiate dialogues like this. ​

​Thank you,

Kshitiz Khanal​
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