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For those of you in London, there's an event on 'Digital Copyright in
Culture' on Friday - just in case anyone is interested in evangelising for
openness. ;-)

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         Invitation - AoDL Meetup  *Show 'n Tell // Network // Drinks*

*12 April 2013, 6.30pm-8.30pm
The Photographers’ Gallery
16-18 Ramillies Street, Soho, London W1F 7LW*
 *RSVP and more

 Hi All,
 Our next meetup - ‘*Digital Copyright in Culture*’ - is this Friday. It's
quite a popular topic and all spaces have now been taken, however we expect
some drop offs and so if you'd like to join us there is a good chance you
will be able to if you join the waiting list.

Very Best
The AoDL Team

  // Speakers
- Naomi Korn, Naomi Korn Copyright
- Smita Kheria, Lecturer in International Property
Edinburgh University and part of the
(via Skype)

  *// Event Description*
  Our session this month will examine digital copyright. How has the notion
of possessing legal rights to use and distribute the ‘information’ embodied
in a cultural object been challenged and reshaped by the advent of
digitality? Is copyright, still, to be seen as the most obvious and natural
instrument by which the creators – and financiers – of cultural products
should be recompensed for their efforts, or should the qualities intrinsic
to the digital domain (non-scarcity, easy circulation) transform approaches
to intellectual property universally?

 Artistic works used to be carried by media such as paper, vinyl and
celluloid. Their movement into a state of zeros and ones caused a major
paradigm shift in culture, most obviously through their capacity to be
easily copied and shared. Networked forms of communication, where processes
of rapid exchange and knowledge creation were actualised, intensified and
accelerated this shift. The new online environment has caused a wholesale
change in production, distribution and consumption processes, with every
part of the ‘chain’ in question subject to change... As expressed by the
recently founded copyright body, CREATe, in the creative economy there are
“new types of creators, cultural products and processes; new platforms,
both physical and virtual, for production and distribution; new
intermediaries, finance sources and distributors (as well as
disintermediation); and new engagements with consumers”.

 All this has fundamentally altered our expectations of how we can access
and experience art. It has changed the types of content available (legal or
not), as well as the services which support it. Like it or not, art’s
creative an commercial potential is de facto tied up in this change.........
 Read More + RSVP

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 *About AoDL*
 Art of Digital London (AoDL) is a research programme and network that runs
an online peer learning resource, regular public events, training sessions
and meetings about digital strategy in culture. Over 2011 AoDL in
partnership with The Photographers’ Gallery ran a series of successful
discussion groups building on the thematics of its founding programme of Salons
& Surgeries (2009-10). Including such topics as Open Archiving and IPTV,
these continue to drive a collaborative research project conducted on
AoDL's Wiki resource, TheKnowledge.

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