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On 1), I presume predicated is meant to be predicted? IF you mean predicted, then this is just basically asking whether timetables are published, and how digitally. If that's the case, I suggest you drop the "real time", because that is the opposite of real time. For me, the current interpretation of live data is more in line with what should be expected.

On 2), not sure that changing this in the middle of a census is a good thing. I would want changes for a future census (when does it end? When does the next one start?), and I would use the extra fields created by getting rid of 2 categories in qn 3) to split the data into three. I would pick the three that are most likely to be collected at local level. I would exclude schools, hospitals, gp's, dentists, pharmacists, and probably more that all have existing national open data feeds. I would probably also exclude council assets and anything that will be released by statute under the EU Inspire directive. I would suggest that this brings us down to the next level of actual local facilities: public toilets, community-use buildings, museums and galleries might be a good place to start?

I would agree on 3)

In passing, 1) brings up a further issue that ideally the census would be hierarchical. Transport is typically co-ordinated by one body across a group of towns/cities. The same typically goes for waste management and various others. How the next generation of the census tackles issues like this will be important. The cities of say Salford and Manchester need to be able to enter collective responses on collectively delegated issues, and individual ones on others.

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Today's Topics:

   1. Clarifying datasets for Census - what are your thoughts?
      (Emma Beer)


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Dear all,

Hello!  I?m Emma Beer and I?m a new-ish Project Manager at Open Knowledge.
Very much looking forward to being in touch with you going forward on the Census and Index work.

There are more than half-dozen cities now with almost complete information on the UK Local Open Data Census. This is really awesome and we appreciate your contributions very much.

As we recently reviewed current submissions, we realised we have some challenges with the current selection of dataset list and also in the descriptions of datasets that we would like to improve and clarify.

We'd like to have your feedback on several changes we propose here:

 *1. Improving the description of "real-time transit"*

The current description of real-time transit is: "Real-time information about major municipal-run or commissioned transit services (buses, subway, rail, tram etc). Real-time transit information means things like the location of actual services (individual buses and trains, etc)"

 We found this description a bit confusing now and most existing submissions are actually about live departure/arrival information thus we'd like to change it to:

"Real-time information about major municipal-run or commissioned transit services (buses, subway, rail, tram etc). Real-time transit information means things like the actual services's (individual buses and trains,
etc) predicated time to depart from/ arrive at a specific stop"

 *2. Assess "Public Facilities" with respect to the best dataset you can

 We know the "Public Facilities" is a really big category and many of you have already suggested many solutions to tackle this problem. We've listened to your suggestions and would now like to suggest defining a new rule for the UK Local Open Data Census (and probably also for other censuses), through an explanatory example like the one below:

Assess this "Public Facilities" with respect to the best dataset you can find.

For example, if your city publishes school locations in a PDF document, hospital locations in CSV with a proper open license, and museum locations in CSV but with no license, we recommend that you answer all questions with respect to the hospital location dataset only and you can put any comments regarding the other two datasets in the comments field on the submission form.

*3. Drop "Food safety inspections" and "Crime Statistics"*

 We found that the Food Standards Agency <http://ratings.food.gov.uk/open-data/en-GB> actually publishes all UK cities' food hygiene rating data and similarly, the data.police.uk publishes all UK cities'/counties' crime statistics. In this case, it's meaningless to include them in the census anymore. So we'll drop them if otherwise you have different thoughts.

We would love to hear your thoughts on 1, 2 and 3 or any one of the above.
Let us know what you think!

With thanks,



Emma Beer

Senior Project Manager |Skype: emma.beer  |  tel: +33 0623872754

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