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Andrea Raimondi raimondi.and at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 18:20:21 UTC 2014

Hi all,
 as you might know from Rufus the open data
census<http://gb-city.census.okfn.org>is online. I've completed the
census for Nottingham and some other cities
are about to start or already started (Cambridge, London, Sheffield..).

You can contribute as I did, working on your own, finding data around and
adding them to your city's slot. However, please consider to involve
citizen's participation.

Indeed, the ODcensus can be seen as a very simple and basic tool to
organise hackathon accessible to all citizens, no matter if they don't have
dev skills, and spread the value of opendata for local communities -which
is the aim of the census.

During the international open data day in London the italian
setup<http://it-city.census.okfn.org>for the same census has been
prepared. Maurizio Napolitano (one of the OKFN
ambassador for Italy) is doing a great job and lots of cities and local
communities have started to fill the census.


Andrea  (@raimondiand)

ps: you can follow live update about the census on twitter: #ODcensus and


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