[OKFN-EN] Accountability Hack 2014

Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Fri Oct 3 15:05:34 UTC 2014

This is coming up in London, 8-9 November, and might be of interest:


 From the site:

*Interested in how Parliament works; how public sector expenditure is
audited; or the key statistics generated by the public sector? Then this
could be the event for you - #AccHack14*

*Three major public sector organisations NAO, ONS and Parliament are
holding a joint hack event to look at how they use each others information;
what their users want to do with their data and information; and how to
improve what they do online.*

*So are you an armchair auditor? Keen on Parliamentary processes? Use lots
of public sector data? Then this is the event for you.*

*There will also be a follow up event during Parliament week so that non
developers can see what was achieved during the hack - more details to

*Who is organising the event?*

   - *National Audit Office (NAO) - Nick Halliday*
   - *Office of National Statistics (ONS) - Matt Jukes*
   - *Parliament - Tracy Green*

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