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L'Open Data Census pour les villes est en préparation.
Voir ci-dessous.

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Hi All,

When the Open Data Census <http://census.okfn.org/> was started last year,
one of the first things suggested was having a census focused on cities or
regions in addition to that on countries.

I'm happy to say plans are afoot to make this happen with the work on the Open
Data Census on Open Data Day (this
Saturday)<http://okfn.org/events/open-data-day-2013/census/>, and
for this work to focus on kicking off the City Census.

As part of the preparation for starting the City Census we need to select
the list of 10-15 "key" datasets which this first round of the census will
focus on.

I'm therefore writing to solicit* people's suggestions and input into which
datasets this list should contain*.

A current draft list in an online spreadsheet
I've also inlined the current top 15 items below.

The spreadsheet is *open for editing so you can either add things there or
comment here on list*.

*Note: to ensure that things do not get overwritten and confusion ensues
please add suggestions for new datasets below the line and add comments on
cells rather than edit cells directly.*


### Current 15  key datasets for Cities and Regions

Public transport timetables
City budget
Detailed actual spending
Election results (by constituency / district)
Air quality
Location of public transport stops & stations
Location of schools
Crime statistics
Health statistics (location of hospitals / surgeries, number of patients)
Water Quality
Procurement contracts
Restaurant hygiene evaluations
Road traffic accidents
Building permits
Prices of municipal services

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