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See enquiry below about Room 2 facilities (Room 2 is the map room with 
Room 1 being the main room). I think you said that there won't be a 
projector there but there might be a very large monitor (the room is 
quite small so that shouldn't be a big issue).



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Thanks Rufus,

I've placed myself ahead of the one on planning in Room 2, as the themes
will I'm sure intertwine quite nicely. Will get more up on the wiki over
the next 24hours, and I'm sure we can sort out the technology on the day.

I'm assuming that as well as Internet access there will be a projector
in Room 2?



/Steve Dowding IT Services/


On 14 Mar 2007, at 11:46, Rufus Pollock wrote:

> Dear Steve,
> Looks really interesting. There will definitely be internet access 
> available at the event. If you would like to do a quick presentation 
> you should reserve a time-slot in the open space session, see:
>   http://okfn.org/wiki/okcon
> Regards,
> Rufus
> Steve Dowding wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm thinking about offering to do a quick presentation on Wikimapia 
>> as a campaigning tool if you'd feel that was appropriate? I'd need 
>> internet access to navigate around Wikimapia and would show stuff 
>> around community campaigning in London Fields, Kings Cross Railway 
>> Lands and the London 2012 Olympic Park. For more follow the link to 
>> "lifeisland" below and from there in the right hand column the link 
>> to Wikimapia. About me, talk to Zoe Young.
>> Regards,
>>                 ...
>> /Steve Dowding IT Services/
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>> for green corridors; against new enclosures
>> an e-petition we're beta-testing the government on:
>> <http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/manorgardens/>
>> more info: <www.lifeisland.org <http://www.lifeisland.org>>
>> recent press: 
>> <http://environment.guardian.co.uk/conservation/story/0,,2011925,00.html>

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