[okfn-help] Re: [geo-discuss] Petition for open geo data in all the 27 member states?

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Fri Mar 23 16:28:44 GMT 2007

On Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 12:50:25PM +0000, Rufus Pollock wrote:
> http://www.okfn.org/geo/manifesto.php
> We also need to sort out the petition software (or use some standard 
> petition service) as we've had to take down 
> http://petition.publicgeodata.org/ 

Yesterday i tried to replace the apache2 config in
/home/okfn/svn-okfn/trunk/etc/petition.publicgeodata.org just to put a flat file
in that directory, saying 'thanks' and pointing back to the main site. 

When i restarted apache though, nothing changed. What am i missing? 
I don't recall having to commit anything in order to propagate changes
before... I think i need a second pair of eyes.

(Using an external petition service for Benjamin's pan-Euro round of
'publicgeodata manifesto' would be a good idea. Is there a decent one?)

<VirtualHost *:80>
        ServerName petition.publicgeodata.org
        ServerAlias rejectinspire.publicgeodata.org

# DocumentRoot /var/www/down_for_maintenance
        DocumentRoot /var/www/petition.publicgeodata.org
        DirectoryIndex index.html
        CustomLog /var/log/apache2/publicgeodata.org.access.log
        ErrorLog  /var/log/apache2/publicgeodata.org.error.log
#       <Directory /var/www/petition.publicgeodata.org>
#       AddType application/x-httpd-php  .php3
#       Action application/x-httpd-php /cgi-bin/php
#       </Directory>

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