[okfn-help] Re: WebDav on wsfii.org?

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Mar 26 16:38:49 BST 2007

Klavs Bryld wrote:
> Hi Rufus.
> I cannot access the wsfii-site via WebDav.
> When I access http://www.wsfii.org/wsfii/dav/ I get an access-popup but no
> access is aalowed when I enter username and password.
> http://www.okfn.org/wsfii/dav/ gives no access-popup.

Yes, as you probably noticed all urls of the form:


redirect to


This was done a couple of months back so that wsfii would now operate 
fully on its own domain (wsfii.org). As a result I don't think the old 
dav access will work as there is nothing in the wsfii.org config to 
allow access to /dav. You can set it up by editing the apache config in 
/home/wsfii/etc/wsfii.org however I'd recommend the best way to do 
sysadmin now is via ssh.

> I can access via ssh, but its rather difficult to change files as they are
> owned by www-data and okfn.

Apologies, those ownerships should have been changed and they now have 
been so you should have no problem editing the files.

> The latest path I have is http://www.okfn.org/wsfii/dav/
> Has this been changed?

Yes, see above.


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