[okfn-help] Open Shakespeare annotation - demo.py

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Oct 1 17:41:23 BST 2007

sorry for the delayed reply but I missed your email last week

Robert Polyn wrote:
> Fixed. I reinstalled formencode, but my troubles continued. It turned 
> out to be an issue between paths and the annotater egg file. I am 
> relatively unfamiliar with setup scripts, so I cannot accurately 
> diagnose this problem on my own.
> In order to solve this issue I deleted the egg within site-packages, and 
> shifted the contents of the 'demo' folder up one level in the folder 
> hierarchy. It works.
> I viewed the individual responses for each file requested and saw none 
> were found. I then noticed the necessary js and css files were not being 
> accessed in the folders I had checked out. All of the failed requests I 
> viewed referenced the annotater egg.

Yes, the css and js are shipped 'in the egg' to make deployment (in 
theory) easier.

> The build folder created by setup.py does not include the css/jss files 
> in their expected locations---I am not sure if that is important 
> information.

Hmm that's weird. The MANIFEST.in definitely lists the css and js files 
in the marginalia directory. I've just rebuilt the egg and tar.gz and 
re-uploaded them to pypi (and checked that the css and js are included) 
so I suggest trying to download them again and see if it now works.

> I have just now subscribed to the mailing list, and do not see a 
> reply-to link in the okfn archive holding my question---so this has once 
> again gone to you, but I'll be certain to keep all future messages aimed 
> at the list.

Great and I hope we can get this sorted out.


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