[okfn-help] Changes to open Milton text

Iain Emsley print.crimes at yatterings.com
Mon Dec 8 12:44:52 GMT 2008


Can we consider the following text for the Milton front page?

" Welcome to the Open Milton web interface. This site provides access  
to many, but by no means all, of the facilities of the Open Milton  
package. For example you can:

     * Read a variety of texts (prose, poems etc) as well as ancillary material
     * Analyze text or word statistics
     * Search any text

More information on using this web interface can be found in the guide.

Why Open Milton

If you type 'Milton' into Google you find thousands of websites why do  
we need another? First off, unlike most other sites, everything you  
find here is open ? that is you're free to use, reuse, and  
redistribute it without any need to seek permission.

However, more importantly, this website is only a small part of what  
we're about. It serves to demonstrate what you can do with the Open  
Milton package ? a set of material and tools for exploring Milton's  
life and work. The website demonstrates a few of the ways in which the  
Open Milton package can be used. We actively encourage you to take and  
modify it to do things we haven't yet done ? or even thought of! Some  

     * Prove William Blake's assertion that Milton was "of the Devil's party".

     * Explore his speech for the freedom of the presses, the  
Areopagitica, is still relevant.

     * Our statistics are crude and simple. Perhaps you'd like to  
search for which words are most popular in Paradise Lost?

In the guide template, can we swap hamlet_gut to paradise_lost? I  
don't know if it's worth taking the multi-view out as we don't have  
variations of texts in the files (AFAICS anyhow) - although I suppose  
if you wanted to view separate parts of a text to compare them, it  
could be useful.


Iain Emsley

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